Camel Wool

We harvest wool from camels in Jaisalmer area during the month of March that coincides with the time of Holi. Local women and artisans clean the wool, remove all impurities and spin the wool into yarn. At the end of the process, beautiful products such as bags, pouches, stoles and mats are created and delivered to our shop.

Camel Wool Stoles

Stay warm and look chic at the same time with our pretty stoles. They come in lovely colors and patterns that suit everyone’s style.

Camel Wool Mats

Decorate your house with our camel wool mats that come in various sizes and designs. Each product is traditionally hand-woven by our local artisans.

Camel Wool Bags and Pouches

Traditionally used by the camel breeders to carry their belongings while grazing, they are hand-knitted and boast attractive tribal designs


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