Camel Dung Paper

Camel Charisma pioneered the production of bio-diverse paper from the dung of Kumbhalgarh camels. With the rich diet of the camels, the dung paper contains the seeds and remains of about 36 different types of plants, shrubs and grasses. From the camel dung paper, we create arrays of products especially for you and your loved ones. Learn more about how camel dung paper is produced here.

Greeting Card

What is a more ethical and eco-friendly way to send well wishes to your loved ones than by using our camel dung paper greeting cards? They come in attractive, tribal designs that suit all occasions.

Bahi Kathi

Pen down your brilliant ideas on our camel dung paper Bahi Kathis. They come in two attractive colours: pretty pink and fresh green.


Painted on camel dung paper by talented Udaipur artist, Shariq Parvez, each work of art portrays true Rajasthan culture. A perfect souvenir from your visit to the state.

Photo Album

Keep your precious memories in our unique camel dung paper photo album. It can store up to 20 photographs and is suitable as a scrap book too.

Camel Diary

The cute camels pose especially for our diary cover. They surely can keep secrets. It is only between the camels and you.

Paper Mache Bowls

These bowls are made from camel dung paper mache. A new, unique way to decorate and organize your room!


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