Camel Charisma Store

We’ve done it! Our first retail outlet has been opened on Ranakpur Road, near Sadri (District Pali), opposite the Fateh Bagh Hotel! (This is on the main highway between Udaipur and Jodhpur, about 95 km north of Udaipur). It is run by the famous Raika community leader, Dayalibai (center) and her son Maganlal (far right)!
The store has all our camel items in stock: camel dung paper cards, camel milk soaps, camel wool mobile covers, and an assortment of rugs and fine shawls Also some of the artwork of the Udaipur artist Shariq Parvez on camel dung paper. (Shariq also designed the Camel Charisma logo).


Here is a picture of some of the visitors on the day of the opening on 1st February. The Raika turned up in large numbers and were palpably excited about the range of products that can be made from the camel. They also leafed through the  Raika Biocultural Protocol  which is available at the store in both English and Hindi. It provides an insight into the history and traditional knowledge of this unique camel and livestock breeding community!

The link between the Raika Biocultural protocol and the Camel Charisma store can be seen in this presentation by Hanwant.

If you are in Rajasthan, do visit our store! Surprises awaits you in there.


5 thoughts on “Camel Charisma Store

  1. Congratulations, Ilsa and Hanwant – the store looks wonderful and an amazing array of interesting products too. All good wishes for its continued success!

  2. We came across your shop in the internet. It is AMAZING! We wish you good luck and a successful year! Susan and Andreas from Germany ( we did the interviews in Switzerland and in India!)

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