About Camel Charisma

Camel Charisma is a social enterprise that aims to develop, promote and market environment friendly products from the camel. Founded in 2010 by two founders, Mr. Hanwant Singh Rathore & Dr. Ilse Kohler-Rollefson, Camel Charisma has been inspired by the experiences and close connection of Lokhit Pashu Palak Sansthan (LPPS) with Rajasthan’s camel pastoralists. It was set up as an outcome of a project by LPPS to revive Rajasthan’s camel husbandry for creating sustainable rural livelihoods in semi-arid and arid areas, as well as creating job income opportunities for the local communities.

The purpose of Camel Charisma is to provide economic incentives for camel breeders to continue keeping camels for their livelihood and to contribute to the sustainable management of the Thar Desert and conserve this biodiversity rich agro-ecosystem.

Over the last couple of years, a range of products have been developed from camel milk, camel wool and camel dung. Our products are all-natural, environmental friendly and hand-crafted by the local Rajasthan communities. Take a look at our product catalogue to know more about our products.

A unit to produce “biocultural paper” has been established on the LPPS campus and has just begun production. We have also just establish a new unit to process camel wool, which will be able to provide job opportunities for the local women in Sadri, Rajasthan. We are constantly striving to create a positive social impact throughout our works. Do be kept updated on the latest progress on the works of Camel Charisma in this website.  Here you can read more about the story of Camel Charisma.


3 thoughts on “About Camel Charisma

  1. hi ilse, and congratulations – this looks like a wonderful store!! is it possible to order items onlne? please let me know, and will be in touch soon!! xo karen

  2. Congratulations on opening this store! I hope all the tour companies hear about it and include it on their itinerariies for travelers. It will be a delightful addition to any tour of Rajasthan!
    Doranne Jacobson

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