Pushkar fair from 8-15th November

Sorry, its been quiet on our website for a while. But we are getting re-organised, and this website will be completely revamped. We will be at Pushkar Fair from 8th-15th November with exciting new products. See you there!

2 thoughts on “Pushkar fair from 8-15th November

    • Thanks for your interest, Jo! Its a bit difficlt to describe where we will be – on the “main drag” that leads to the hill on which the camels are kept and sold. If you have problems, call us on mobile nr. 9414818564. by the way, if you have the possibility, it would be better to come to Pushkar a few days earlier. Almost all the camels will have left by the 14th, as most of the trading goes on BEFORE the official dates, starting around 8th November.

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