With a little help from our friends…

Having worked as an NGO for more than 15 years, we find it quite daunting to make the transition to the more business oriented mindset necessary for running Camel Charisma. It would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of a few good friends who had walked down a similar path before us. here are the most important of them:

Mahima Mehra from Haathichaap and Vijendra Shekhawat who warmed to the idea of making camel poo paper and adapted the method to camel poo.

Kamal Kishore from Kullu Karishma who pioneered the idea of separating the dromedary wool into its fine and coarse components andd sorting it by colour.

Gopikrishna of Mitan Handicrafts with all his enthusiasm and contacts, including

Dipti Desai, a photojournalist, who took unique shots of our products and is also a story-writer

Our intrepid interns from National University of Singapore, Rax and Jerry, who started this website, prepared businessplans, herded camels and just adapted perfectly to Rajasthan

Vasant Saberwal of Ford Foundation who supported our first learning efforts with product development

and of course all the Raika camel breeders who are so excited about the products of their animals, the LPPS staff and all our friends!

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