Where the poo paper comes from…..

The camel poo paper is made in a tiny little factory located on the campus of Lokhit Pashu-Palak Sansthan – the parent organisation of Camel Charisma. The dung comes from the camel herds owned by the Raika and grazing in the Aravalli Hills. Because the camels eat a very varied diet – consisting of 36 different trees, shrubs, and grasses (accoding to local knowledge), the dung paper is extremely biodiverse!

But back to the making of the paper: the dried dung is pulverised, boiled (to kill any possible germs) and then mixed with cotton waste in the “beater”. The resulting pulp is then immersed in vats filled with water and is then lifted out on screens. After drying off overnight, the paper is pressed, hung up on “clotheslines” to dry and callendered. Then its ready to use and make a variety of objects…You can see a video about the whole process, and why we are doing it here


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